For over a decade, The FANA of GL - The Far Eastern American Nurses & Allied Professionals Association have just finished one of their most successful annual Medical Missions held in the Bicol Peninsula in the Province of Sorsogon, Philippines.

Nobody can disagree that there is such a timely needed assistance during the recent devastating typhoon, named NONA that destroyed more than 98,000 houses with 42 dead when they took direct hits in three (3) Provinces, and Sorsogon was one of them as released by the Philippine Government over last Christmas Holidays. We have seen that poor living condition was aggravated by severe weather conditions and calamities affected their lives and threatened their health. We were glad our team went there to help with their situations. We were able to provide medical, surgical, dental and vision needs.

We also provide education and preventive care.

With enough prior preparations at hand and couple of fund raising events we again, managed to recruit 70 missionaries and volunteers all throughout the U.S. Thousands of much needed medications, medical, surgical and first aid supplies were brought by the boxes with the help of missionaries like Imelda Hum, Tess Middleton and to the Bedia’s.

 The three day missions were held in Sorsogon City with 64 Barangays. On the 1st day,we served 1,810 recipients. The 2nd day was in the town of Matnog with 40 Barangays serving 856 recipients and, on our 3rd day in the town of Bulan with 63 Barangays, we served -1,462 recipients. In total, we served 4,128 indigent residents by providing Medical, Surgical, Dental and Optical Services.

Overall, we received many positive feedbacks from the Missionaries, Volunteers and Recipients from the communities that we served.

We thanked the Escudero Family for inviting us especially to Honorable Congresswoman Evelina Escudero, Senator Chiz and the entire Escudero Family for their unwavering support throughout the missions. We thanked our overall chairperson, Imelda Hum for doing an excellent job, Dr.Ernie Bedia as Medical Director and especially in the procurements of all the medications. Also to local surgeon, Dr Jaime Almora along with his beautiful daughter, Dr. Ada Almora (Dermatologist) both acted as Surgeons, Dr Teresita Timban and Dr. Virginia Pacis along with husband, Arnold Pacis, and to the rest of the FANA Officers and members, local volunteers such as Lions Organization and the Health Officials.

Lastly, we cherish the opportunity to serve thousands of people and made an impact on the lives of many and the accomplishment of our mission.
Submitted by: Ernesto Bedia, M.D., Medical Director                        


Published: Fil Star News/2016

11th Annual Medical Mission 
January 29, 30, 31, 2016