Ernesto H Bedia, M.D., Medical Director, FANA GL & Allied Professionals

It was another very successful medical mission in Batangas, Philippines sponsored by FANA GL & ALLIED PROFESSIONALS this year. The towns served included Padre Garcia, Malvar and Tanauan City on January 25, 26 & 27, 2019.

There were seventy-eight volunteers from California, Las Vegas, Mississippi, Virginia, Chicago, Washington DC, Michigan, New Jersey and Canada who participated in the event. This includes a surgeon from Virginia, an internist from Washington DC and several physicians from Michigan and from Henry Ford Urgent Care. The dental volunteers came from Centro Escolar University School of Dentistry, in the Philippines, headed by Professor Concepcion Ortega Pinlac, who brought several of her dental students to provide community service.

There were 4888 patients seen in three days of the mission. The busiest department was pediatrics headed by Drs. Ernie Mac and Ceres Morales, followed by medical headed by Dr. Steve Farrow, from Washington DC, emergency care and surgery, provided by Dr. Glen Tokarski from Henry Ford Hospital, and surgery by Dr. Cesar DeGuzman, from Virginia, with Cecilia Espino, R.N. as his assistant.  Other doctors include Drs. Teresita Timban, Ruth Diaz and Renato Reyes. We were also joined by the local physician Drs. Elvis Bedia and others from local hospital. Dr. Ernesto Bedia, the Medical Director, helped organized the activities making sure the whole operation ran smoothly and assisted when any departments became overwhelmed.

The starting point was the registration desk, followed by triage where the patient is escorted to the services needed such as blood glucose testing, medical, surgical, pediatrics, dental, ophthalmic, pharmacy, patient education, and breast cancer screening headed by Brenda San Agustin.The busiest area was pediatrics headed by Drs. Ernie Mac and Ceres Morales. This was where Dr. Bedia spent most of his time.

Surprisingly, there was a long line of patients in the optical department. They could not read because they cannot afford to see an eye doctor or buy reading glasses. They were filled with joy when they received reading glasses and displayed to others that they could read again.

The Mayor of Malvar was very appreciative when we left them boxes of medications, medical and surgical supplies including pulse oximeters for their public hospital and clinics. They provided us with certificate of appreciation and a farewell ceremony.

The next medical mission will be in Tayug, Pangasinan in January 2020.The medical missions conducted by this organization is not limited in one area in the Philippines. There are several communities who showed interest with our medical mission in their area. With special appreciation the officers and members of FANA GL & Allied Professionals is very grateful for the generous donations from their supporters and the yearly unwavering support coming from two big donors from the United States who provided us with thousands of medications, medical and surgical supplies including pulse oximeters and reading glasses and to Delta Airlines for wavering the fees for transporting medical supplies.


Statistic Report_ 2019 Medical Mission to
Padre Garcia, Malvar & Tanauan City, Batangas Philippines

MEDICAL                                                        422
PEDIATRIC                                                     688
SURGERY                                                       38
DENTAL                                                          134
OPTICAL                                                         286
BLOOD SUGAR TESTING                            121
                                                                          1,689                                                                  1,689

JANUARY  26, 2019 - MALVAR
MEDICAL                                                        586
PEDIATRIC                                                       789
SURGERY                                                        44
DENTAL                                                           152
OPTICAL                                                          401
BLOOD SUGAR TESTING                             201
                                                                          2,173                                                                 2,173

MEDICAL                                                           231
PEDIATRIC                                                        413
SURGERY                                                          30
DENTAL                                                               *
OPTICAL                                                            251
BLOOD SUGAR TESTING                              101
                                                                          1,026                                                                  1,026

OTHER SERVICES – PHARMACY                              

                                                                                                           TOTAL PATIENTS            4,888

*No services rendered.

14th Annual Medical Mission 
January 25, 26, 27 2019