Current ByLaws

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FANA of Great Lakes or known as Far Eastern & American Nurses Association (FANA) of Great Lakes was established in 2005, originated as a Professional Nursing Organization with unique ethnic membership. The U.S. Internal Revenue Services recognized our organization with Tax Exempt Status as 501 © (3) classified as Public Charity (not a private foundation) because of the nature of a public services rendered in serving the less fortunate in the Third World Countries like the Philippines. Any contributions to FANA is deductible under section 170 of the Code. The organization is qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the code.

 In 2014, with great demand, we expanded the membership with Allied Professionals that lives all across USA, Canada and Philippines and adopted the organization name as: Far Eastern & American Nurses & Allied Professionals. FANA is a unique organization with members from diversified ethnic groups such as American, Black, Hispanic and Asian Nurses, and, any Health Professional individuals like MD’s, Nurse Practitioners, Health Tech, Aides, Pharmacist, Lawyers, Biomed Specialists, Accountants, Medical Students, Retirees that supports the common goals and missions of the organization.

 Our Memberships have grown to over 250 with an ongoing missions of purpose:

Ongoing Volunteerism at Health Fair at different local Communities in suburban areas and Detroit.

By serving our Membership, FANA continually provides free Educational Symposium with Continuing Educational Credits towards their educational growth and opportunities hold annually at the VA Medical Center in Detroit (Scheduled the 12th Year – in April 16, 2016).

We provide ongoing free Annual Medical, Surgical and Dental Mission Services to the weakest and vulnerable poor people where medical services are not affordable in different poor regions in the Philippines.

 Besides providing Medical Missions, we provide Medical Equipment and Supplies by continually seeking donors of used equipment and supplies from private citizens, local hospitals and clinics. The donors get their tax exempt for their donations either monetary, equipment and supplies.

To this date, FANA was able to donate and sent 13 used Ambulances (donated by different Local and Canadian Ambulance Companies), Equipment such as: 6 Dialysis Machines, 2 Anesthesia Machines, 6 Fetal and ICU Monitors; 2 Incubators, 14 Pulse Oximeter; 10 Stretchers; 198 (5 years old) Hill-Rom Electric Beds; Medical and
Surgical Supplies. All were sent to different local government hospitals in the Philippines Via Transphere Shipping Company. Total sent to this date was: Ten (10) Forty (40)Footer containers since 2005. The recipients will pay the shipping cost and FANA donates the goods and accepts any monetary donations to keep up with the program.

The most viable and prestigious program that FANA is proud of is the Annual Medical, Surgical, Dental and recently for the last two years we added Optical free services to the needy. Since the inceptions, we have treated and seen over 25,000 indigent people averaging about 800-1,000 per day during the mission that lasted 2-3 days every year.

The preparation and choices of places is determined by FANA Members according to the need of the populations and where local officials and civic organizations acknowledge and assure safety for the volunteers.

FANA has a continuing program where members help OCA Foundation patients when they bring and transport a patient with very rare anomalies condition come to the US and be operated by volunteer Specialists (either heart/facial and combinations) at the Providence Hospital, Southfield, MI. FANA renders support for housing and Post Operative Care until patients is ready to go home and live a normal and productive life in her/his back home.

On Going Mission: Free Medical, Surgical, Dental and Optical Services Scheduled for Three (3) days in January 29, 30 & 31st, 2016 in Casiguran Barangay town of Sorsogon, in the region of Bicol, Philippines. Confirmed to this date (November 25, 2015) we have total of 66 Missionaries with 12 Doctors (8 from the US, 4 local), 35 RN’s, and 19 Volunteers – mostly all from the U.S.

Sorsogon, is a province of the Philippines located in the Bicol Region. It is the southernmost province in Luzon and is subdivided into fourteen municipalities and one city, divided with 64 Barangays. Wikipedia Area: 818 mi Capital: Sorsogon City,Population: 740,743 (2010). Each Barangays are assigned to locate and bring indigent residents to the Mission site to accommodate from 800 to 1,000 patients per day x 3 days, projecting to see a total of at least 3,000 patients for the entire missions.